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Tecia Farmer Janes' new Bible study, CHOICES, is now available!

Tecia Farmer Janes’ new Bible study, CHOICES, is now available!

Choices: The crossroads between yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Do I go left or right? Do I go straight or turn around? Do you ever feel like you’re the only one facing a particular choice? Do you ever feel no one can possibly understand your situation? Then this study is for you. The Bible is full of people who faced the same choices you and I face today. You can draw strength in your situation as you discover the events and the impacts of choices made before you. In CHOICES Tecia builds on our power to choose to find freedom for our today. This study will show how the choices of the past can encourage us with our choices today by exploring six topics: love, forgiveness, obedience, surrender, sacrifice, and trust. This book will help to improve your tomorrow by choosing God today.

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This book is a guided personal reflection on the choices, situations, and actions of specific people in scripture. It will guide the reader into doing the kind of personal reflection that scripture deserves and, really, requires of us if we are going to take it seriously.  I think the reader who is new to Bible study, perhaps a new Christian, or even someone who is just struggling to find the answers to the “so what?” questions when they read scripture will find a great resource and a great new way to read the Bible for themselves.
Jason Rodenbeck, Pastor, Professor and Director of Academic Services at Point University

Choices is wonderful tool for any and every follower of Christ! It teaches biblical principals that help us align our everyday decision making with God’s will. Most importantly Tecia Janes has gone out of her way to make Christ the centerpiece of her work.
Dylan Higgins, Pastor and author of The Emblem & The Lantern Series

In addition to her students at The Campus, Tecia Farmer Janes also teaches Biblical principles to women’s groups using her new book Choices as both a textbook and workbook, in which the students write their answers to questions in the spaces provided there. As her Professor at Point University notes in his jacket blurb, these exercises stimulate “the kind of personal reflection that Scripture deserves and really requires of us if we are going to take it seriously.” The book stresses the choices we face in life and encourages us in all of them to make decisions which are Christ-centered, which is to be expected of someone who has created the website www.choosinghimministries.org. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the subject of Christocentric choices, and I encourage any interested women to contact the author to find out how to get into one of her women’s study groups.
– Forrest W. Schultz, Southside Book Reviews


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