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Choices is a paperback, 6-week Bible study discussing the Choices to Love, Obey, Forgive, Surrender, Sacrifice, and Trust.

Do I go left or right? Do I go straight or turn around? Do you ever feel like you’re the only one facing a particular choice? Do you ever feel no one can possibly understand your situation? Then this study is for you. The Bible is full of people who faced the same choices you and I face today. You can draw strength in your situation as you discover the events and the impacts of choices made before you.

CHOICES: The Crossroads of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow builds on our power to choose to find freedom for our today. This study will show how the choices of the past can encourage us with our choices today by exploring six topics: love, forgiveness, obedience, surrender, sacrifice and trust. This book will help to improve your tomorrow by choosing God today.

Spoon Necklace “Choosing Him”

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Spoon Necklaces are hammered antique spoons, with hand stamped “Choosing Him” engraving, and a small cross charm. Necklaces include a 24-inch ball chain. In silver-tone base metal.

Spoon is approximately 2 7/8 inches long by 1 3/4 inches wide.

NOTE:  As each item is hand-crafted and hand-stamped there will be slight variations. Your item may differ slightly than the item pictured.  Also, metal tarnishes, so do not be alarmed if your pendant darkens.  Just give it a light polish with a jewelry polishing cloth.