Tecia Janes


Tecia has a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Point University and has been teaching and leading women in ministry for twenty five years. Tecia’s specializations include: Women, Students, Mental Health, Marriage and Family Systems, Relationship Conflict, Grief and Loss, Spiritual Discipleship. Tecia also taught at a public school for ten years where she was able to counsel students and teachers in their struggles and in their spiritual walk. Tecia is passionate about equipping women with the Word of God and guiding them to a personal and contagious faith. Tecia’s desire is to let people share their story, find purpose through it, and find Jesus in it. Tecia treasures time with her family and friends, keeping her granddaughter, teaching Bible Study, traveling, and is always up for a good southern glass of sweet tea!





Kayla Whittle


Kayla has a Masters of Professional Counseling from the University of West Georgia and has been working in the counseling field for twelve years. Kayla’s specializations include: Children, Adolescents, Adults, Anxiety, Depression, Career Transition, Trauma Healing, Stress Management, Suicidal Ideation, Marriage and Family Systems. Kayla is passionate about combining proven mental health practices and the wisdom of the Bible. Kayla’s goal is to lead people into a path of healing and deep self-awareness that will carry forward with them throughout their lifetime. Kayla equips clients by helping individuals understand their pain, personality, purpose, experiences, and most importantly their Savior. In her free time Kayla enjoys spending time with her family and friends, singing for the worship team at Go Church, and reading.





Debbie Stevens


Debbie has been facilitating Christian Counseling for 15 years through various churches and ministries. She completed Discipleship Counselor Training through Neil T Anderson in 2008 and became a Certified Life Coach in 2018 through Proctor Gallagher Life Coaching Program. Debbie is passionate about counseling and loves to help others meet their full potential in Christ. Debbie utilizes the flesh diagram to help individuals see patterns in their lives and thinking. The deep self-awareness gained through this diagram helps clients begin their journeys to healing and restoration. Debbie’s skills allow her to walk with women through anxiety, depression, grief, and marital strife. In her free time, Debbie loves spending time with, and helping care for, her 9 grandchildren. She also loves to teach swim lessons and lead Bible studies through her home church.