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Unexpected: Trusting God’s Perfect Plan when Life Takes a Different Turn

Unexpected: Trusting God’s Perfect Plan When Life Takes a Different Turn is a study of the Samaritan Woman who met Jesus at the well. This six-week study will walk down the path of many encounters, plans and relationships to see how God works in the unexpected. You will see how Jesus’s intentional living was so much more than the temporal and how every encounter was meant for an eternal change. If your life has faced some very unexpected circumstances, paths you never thought you would walk down, then take a look through the eyes of this one woman whose life was changed by her encounter, belief and relationship with Jesus.

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Ephesians: Living a Life Worthy of our Calling

This Bible study on Ephesians is written in an interactive-workbook style. You can use this as a personal aid or with a group. The goal of this study is not to give you a deep instruction in theology, but to give you some tips and pointers to guide you into the Word of God. The Bible says the Holy Spirit will lead, guide, and instruct you. The purpose of this study is for you to spend time with the Bible and to hear directly from the Lord in your personal life. There are questions to keep you on track and to guide you through the process. I pray that each verse will leave an imprint on your heart and mind, which will guide your words and your steps.

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Tecia Farmer Janes' new Bible study, CHOICES, is now available!Choices: The Crossroads between Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Do I go left or right? Do I go straight or turn around? Do you ever feel like you’re the only one facing a particular choice? Do you ever feel no one can possibly understand your situation? Then this study is for you. The Bible is full of people who faced the same choices you and I face today. You can draw strength in your situation as you discover the events and the impacts of choices made before you. In CHOICES Tecia builds on our power to choose to find freedom for our today. This study will show how the choices of the past can encourage us with our choices today by exploring six topics: love, forgiveness, obedience, surrender, sacrifice, and trust. This book will help to improve your tomorrow by choosing God today.

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